About us


The birth of a niche 

Struggling to find the perfect shoe to match style, comfort and elegance is a hard task for many men .

The birth of the concept Hitchdtheshoe, started with our founder Mr. Marc Bakhos looking for a comfortable yet elegant sneaker for his marriage, but struggled to find the right shoe with the look, feel and comfort for his wedding .He realized, that he wasn't alone. Many gentlemen were facing the same dilemma, leading to his creation of the niche concept - Hitchdtheshoe.

The shoe is specifically designed for comfort, and formal dress codes. In order to do that, we used a 100% Rubber sole, as well as 100% Italian leather from Forno. Shoes are manufactured in the UAE as for now, but we are expanding our operations to Europe soon. 

Hitchdtheshoe is mainly designed for weddings and formal attires, but it all depends on taste and lifestyle, as it could be worn with casual attires as well.

Ever since the launch of Hitchdtheshoe, feedback has been amazing and it's success has risen to the likes of many physical stores as well. We are consigned with @popupconcepts @anotherstoreofficial and @trunkbeirut in Lebanon and are looking to expand to more stores very soon. 

Join us in our memorable journey and walk with us :)