Hitch’d Solemate and Hitch’d Ivory | New Collection Launch

There's no greater setting for a wedding than a beautiful beach! Despite the stunning backdrop a waterfront affair provides, the actual beach might be difficult for a bride (or bridesmaid, or wedding guest) to navigate on the big day—because sand plus a carefully-planned wedding wardrobe can be disastrous. It can be challenging to find the right shoes to match your wedding's elegance with the casual sandy environment.

Hitch’d Ivory Bride Wedding Shoes

Hitchdtheshoe is here for your destination wedding needs. We have two new styles launching for women: Hitch’d Sole-mate, made from dentelle and Hitch’d Ivory, made from pearly white leather.

They are both breathable and durable, yet beautiful and stylish!

The benefits of leather shoes make them an excellent investment, so you can wear them for years to come after your destination wedding. Wearing leather shoes can somewhat give you the confidence needed to face life’s daily challenges. More than being a slick, stylish pair that adds a distinct facet to your outfit, modern designs made it a point to provide added underfoot comfort and protection.

Hitch’d Sole-mate Bride Wedding Shoes

Dentelle… the name is deliberate! It is French for lace, which is reminiscent of oversized, precious lace. This most ingenious burn-out simultaneously assumes a romantic and contemporary look.

White lace is particularly prized for its romantic femininity, modern designers, like Miuccia Prada and Mimi Wade, perfect for your wedding day.

From sweeping views and stunning sunsets to balmy weather, there's so much to love about a waterfront wedding. But if you're planning to say "I do" with your toes in the sand, choosing practical and beach-friendly wedding shoes such as Hitch’d is key for ensuring a smooth walk down the aisle!

If you're exchanging vows directly on the sand, opt for shoes that are supportive and comfortable such as our beautiful sneakers. Even for seaside nuptials set away from the sand, our women’s shoes really will complement any beachfront venue.

Whether you are a clean and classic bride, a modern bride or more of a boho bride, both Hitch’d Sole-mate and  Hitch’d Ivory are a coastal-appropriate shoe to suit every bridal style.

Like Hitch’d Gents, both Hitch’d Sole-mate and Hitch’d Ivory are a step ahead of others, blending high fashion with pure comfort, class within their own unique designs. Both designs can be worn as a ‘flats’ option at formal events, on a day out or night out!

You’re never out of style when you shop from Hitch’d The Shoe for exceptional fashion shoes that are comfortable on your big day.

Save the sky-high stilettos for the country club and go for one of our exceptional wedding shoe choices!